Z For Zachariah Movie Trailer


The first trailer for the upcoming release Z For Zachariah was released earlier today. From first glance, it looks like a movie I’d be excited about.

A post apocalyptic world, (who doesn’t like post apocalyptic worlds??) with one lone survivor, a 16 year old girl (can we at least make it 18 next time?) played by Margot Robbie, who suddenly discovers another survivor has wandered in to her little paradise. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays a scientist who then falls in love with Robbie’s character (uhm… she’s only 16) and suddenly the post apocalyptic movie becomes a love story. And then, yet another survivor wanders in to the lover’s paradise. This time it’s Chris Pine, who Robbie’s character takes an untoward interest in (of course, she’s 16 for crying out loud). Then it seems that Pine isn’t really much of a good guy, in fact, he appears to be a bad guy. And the movie veers from a post apocalyptic movie to a love story to a suspense story.

Yeah, don’t expect a review from me.

Watch the trailer below, and if it looks just swell to you, write us a review when you see it.

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    My daughter just started reading the book. Husband says the movie veers from the story quite a bit – shocker.