X-Men: Apocalypse : Welcome Home Raven Clip – 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox released another clip for X-Men : Apocalypse titled Welcome Home Raven. This will be the last and final instalment of X-Men movie before Marvel Studio move on to less familiar mutants and perhaps more stand alone movies like Wolverine. Deadpool recent success has certainly opens up the possibility of stand alone of other mutant characters. Both Wolverine 3 and Deadpool 2 are expected to launch in 2017. Gambit starring Channing Tatum is still on the table for development. Two X-Men television series Hellfire Club and Legion executive produced by Bryan Singer are in the work. The clip below show Raven being welcome home by Professor Xavier. Certainly her timing coincide with the looming chaos that is going to unleash by Apocalypse. X-Men Apocalypse sets to open in theatres on May 27th.


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