WWE Legend Has Retired

The legend Mark Calaway, also known by his stage name The Undertaker, one of the world’s most famous wrestling characters has retired from professional wrestling.

The Undertaker was the scariest wrestler around for almost 30 years. He joined the WWF (former name of WWE) in 1990, and he has the longest history in the WWE,  even more than other famous wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Bret the Hit-man Hart.

The Undertaker won wrestling championships in his career with some famous battles, participated in the Wrestlemania competition and fought against the biggest wrestlers around. He defeated guys like the Ultimate Warrior , Shawn Micheals,  Yokuzona and others.

His theme was Undertaker and his intro music into the ring was one that you would be afraid of. In his long career Mark Calaway was in the spotlight of the WWE, and will carry lots of memories with him like winning the Royal Rumble in 2007.