Wii Burns Man’s House Down


Trevor Pellegrin was only a few blocks away from his home when he received a frantic phone call: his house was on fire. The culprit? His Nintendo Wii, as proclaimed by the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

The video game console was powered off but plugged into the outlet when the it caused the fire. This is disconcerting as many of us, including myself, have a Wii system at home and never disconnect it, only power it down.

According to KOAA news station Trevor mentioned:

“Most people who have a Wii in their home next to their kids don’t unplug the Wii from the wall when they are finished playing with it,” he said. “I never knew a Wii could start a fire. I was able to save my wallet, court paperwork and some of my more important things but other than that, you know, everything was pretty much gone at that point.”

The man’s home suffered severe damage: charred roof, clothing unusable, and of course he’s out of one Wii console. Trevor filed an insurance claim and there has been no comment on behalf of Nintendo. The Fire Departments recommends all electronics to be unplugged after being used. Of course, this is too much of a hassle for most of us.