Why Can’t Hollywood Translate Comics And Superheroes Properly?




Remember the hype around the “Watchmen” movie that came out years ago? That was a total train wreck that could have really been something spectacular. How about the long overdue big screen adaptation of “The Green Hornet”? What the hell was that? And I’d be remissed if I left “Daredevil” out. That wasn’t exactly a strong resume for the lead actor to fill the shoes of The Dark Knight (and I still have my reservations about it).


Honestly, I could run a list all day long (“Spawn”, “The Shadow”, …) that would make even the most die hard and tolerant comic/superhero fan cringe, but it is what it is. On brand recognition alone, even when we’ve been burned so many times, we repeatedly dole out our hard-earned money on another trip to the theaters only to be left disappointed and angry. Why is it that Hollywood botches almost every attempt at reconstructing a well-known character or series for movie-goers (exceptions go to “X-Men: First Class”, “X-men: Days Of Future Past”, and “The Wolverine” in my book)? I actually have a theory on this.


When Hollywood studios get the filming rights to a particular licensed character or franchise, they try to take too much artistic license and create something more in their own vision. The script writers are even more oblivious, as many have not read more than one issue of a comic or followed a superhero throughout any significant portion of their lives (with many too young to have been alive when the comics or superheroes were in their prime) . Combine that with CGI effects to cover up for lack of creativeness, and you get a certified dud. It’s not only a waste of time, it’s a waste of money and tarnishes the brand it is associated with.


I propose a solution. Hollywood: go to Comic-Con, find yourself an individual in Cosplay or something indicating their undying love for a particular series you are considering, and hire them as a lead technical consultant with the ability to override the director’s (and script writers’) interpretation. These are people who know the respective universe of your film option inside and out and work tirelessly to preserve their legacy. These senseless submissions will never resonate with the community, and we will never accept what you force feed us as the authority on the subject. Stop insulting our intelligence.


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  • undbiter65

    The Dark Knight was simply amazing. Hollywood CAN deliver if they play their cards right. Also, you’re being harsh on Affleck, Dd was a decade ago. Ben has really matured, and naysayers mentioned that though he could act ,the problem was he was he didn’t look the part. Well after the first images got released, he definitely looks the part. Other than that, great post Nerdy. Fully agree!

    • Barracuda7772

      Id have to agree, Hollywood can make a good movie based on a comic if they have the right advisor. Im also looking forward to seeing Ben Afleck as batman, because to be frank I hated Christian bale ! he was a grumpy voiced lurker. there was zero detective skills that I could see anyway !

      • nerdydaddyo

        “Where’s the trigger?!!! Where is it?!!!”. =))

        • undbiter65

          Lmao! Exactly! If Bales not so bad Batman gave us one of the best superhero movies ever, I’m sure Affleck will be fine.

  • Rev Grim

    The three spiderman films before the latest two were a complete balls up! Green goblin dead, Doc Oc… dead, Venom and Eddie Brockley.. dead… I mean, where are they going to get any continuation with all the main players gone? Sinister six? Sorry, killed a load off… the carnage story… er… woops, can’t be doing that one either… we watch these films because we grew up watching the cartoons and reading the comics (in my case, bad black and white ones sometimes!) get it right will ya! For our sanity… get it right!

    • nerdydaddyo

      Preach, Rev!

  • veeru789

    Great post! Also the technology was a hindrance. But I agree, hollywood is good at killing franchises. Like Grim said, first three films of Spidey were bad and my childhood favourite cartoons GI JOE. Felt so sad when I saw the Joe movies.

    • nerdydaddyo

      I couldn’t make it through the first Joe movie. I thought the second would be better; couldn’t make it through that one either. Same problem with “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon”.

      • undbiter65

        Second Joe movie was HORRIBLE! It was two hours of Dwayne Johnson flexing.