Who Are the Geeks?

Welcome to our little corner of eccentrism!

What is UTBGeek and what does this site aim to achieve?  The answer to the last question is that I haven’t the foggiest, but I know that it’s going to be fun and perhaps that’s just all we need.

UTB, of course, is a site for BlackBerry fans who want to talk the praises of BlackBerry without being trolled (hence the bridge reference ‘the trolls will be sent back ‘Under the Bridge’).  This is a place started by those self same people who realised that there were more common interests than BlackBerry.  To quote Dennis Leary, they liked ‘football, and porno and books about war’…perhaps that’s taking things a bit extreme, but there is a common collectivity of geekdom.

You can see that even a Chaplain can have a geeky sense of humour.

Wikipedia describes the Geek as those who are eccentric or non-mainstream.  Someone who is an expert or enthusiast.  The etymology of the word denotes one who is a fool or freak. (There’s some more geekdom right there).

In the modern context however it has been used of those who have an obsession with the technologically advanced/science fiction/fantasy arena.  So this is a place where we can discuss movies, comics, computers, novels, games.  If you’re en expert in it, we want to hear from you.  If you’re a novice in it, we want your questions.  If you’re know enough to be dangerous, we will fight you (that’s no lie!)  All in all it’s a place for fun and speculation.

Who are the Geeks?  We are the geeks! And we wont be silenced.

Gandalf for President! (Thank you for that tagline Conan)

  • wkrgr

    Congratulations on the first post, I think I’ll love it here!