When The Bough Breaks -Official Trailer- Sony Entertainment Pictures

From Sony Entertainment Pictures comes the latest psychological thriller When The Bough Breaks. A young couple, John Taylor (Morris Chestnut-Boyz N The Hood) and Laura Taylor (Regina Hall -Scary Movie) who desperately wanting a baby. After exhausting all options, they decided to hire a surrogate, Anna (Jaz Sinclair- Paper Town). As her pregnancy further along, her psychological state changes of one that fixated on the husband John. Both husband and wife got caught up playing the deadly game of cat and mouse with Anna that threatened to turn their lives upside down. When The Bough Breaks is directed by Jon Cassar of 24 and The Kennedys. The film is produced by Bob Shaye ( A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise) and Michael Lynne (The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy).  When The Bough Breaks set to release in theatre September 16th.


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