Wayne Fan-Made Trailer Suffers Same Fate as Original

What do you get when you take the Batman v Superman trailer and give it the Logan treatment?

YouTube channel We Got This Covered presents a fan-made trailer for Batman v Superman that gives the movie the Logan treatment. The trailer, simply titled Wayne, is yet another great trailer for a lackluster movie.

The Logan trailers were amazing. Using a minimalist soundtrack with images from the movie to get an emotional response from the viewer. The Batman vs Superman trailers were also great, showing us what a big budget meeting of two of pop culture’s biggest heroes could be like.

I’m here to tell you the Logan movie not only lived up to the hype of the trailer, but surpassed it. And this is coming from someone that has hated the previous X-Men and Wolverine movies. The Batman v Superman movie didn’t come close to living up to the official trailers. And it also doesn’t come close to living up to this fan-made trailer.

Perhaps we could get the minds behind this trailer to recut the movie into something…. watchable?