Watch Live Juno Satellite Reaching Planet Juniper.

NASA has a mission to  planet Jupiter. The space agency launched a space craft name Juno from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on August 5th 2011. It is expected to arrived on Jupiter on July 4th 2016 to study the giant planet and take highest resolution pictures from it. The spacecraft carrying seven science instruments to help scientists discover how Jupiter formed and evolved. Juno is the size of a basketball court . It has three X 30 feet(9 meters) long solar panels. Since Juno has to travel the furthest away from the sun to reach Jupiter, the three large solar panels are required to generate enough power to propel the space craft to reach the planet. Planet Jupiter is the planet of extreme. It has the strongest magnetic fields in the solar system. It’s 20000 time more intense than the Earth. Juno is scheduled to orbit Jupiter for 20 months, beyond that scientists do not believe the spacecraft could withstand the intense radiation environment from the planet. There are a lot more very interesting scientific facts on Juno and planet Jupiter. For more information about the mission visit the site by clicking here and here.

The success of the mission is not guarantee but experts believe it has a high chances of succeeding. But the purpose of science is always about taking risk and exploration beyond the confine of earth. Juno is expected to arrive around 9:30 pm  EST. Click on the link below to watch it live along with experts discussing all matter related to the mission.


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