Warcraft Featurette : Rob Kazinsky Tours Of War Room – Legendary Pictures

Legendary Pictures has released a featurette on its upcoming fantasy adventure film, Warcraft. In the clip it shows actor who played Orgrim get to tour the war room and check out the weapons uses in the movie. Warcraft or Warcraft: The Beginning known internationally is set to hit overseas May 25th and North America June 6. Warcraft tells a story of a peaceful realm of Azeroth standing on the brink of war when a fearsome race of Orcs are fleeing their dying home in desperate attempt to colonized another. As a portal open that connect the two colliding world, both sides facing extinction and destruction of the inevitable war that will decide the fate of their family, their people and their homes. Warcraft is written by Charles Leavitt(In The Heart Of The Sea, Blood Diamond) and Duncan Jones. Duncan Jones(Moon, Source Code) also serve as the director. Cast includes Dominic Cooper, Ben Foster, Tony Kebell, Paula Patton and Travis Fimmel.


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