VTech’s Learning Lodge Reopens After Attack

You may remember late last year when children’s toy developer VTech was the victim of a cyber attack. As a former user of their Learning Lodge software, I’ve been following the story. This morning I had an email waiting for me announcing the return of Learning Lodge:

I am pleased to inform you that after further strengthening our data protection, the Learning Lodge® service is now back online with the resumption of key functions.

VTech toys and software serve as a gateway in our hyper-connnected world offering children the opportunity to explore technology and allow it to expand their world. This attack collected conversations, pictures, passwords, etc. stored on the VTech servers about the family’s activity.

To see the growth and the continued commitment to move forward offers hope. They do, however, encourage users to log in and change their password immediately. This allows for more of a clean slate with the software that powers VTech’s toys. VTech continues to work towards all functions resuming. The email offered the following reassurances:

I want to assure you that we are committed to the privacy and protection of the information you entrust with VTech…. We will continue to work on further security improvements so that your children can enjoy their VTech toys knowing that their related data and yours are secure.

To see the features restored, check out the table below.





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