Van Halen ‘Jump’ Back into the Limelight on live TV!

That’s right people, the rock legends Van Halen with front man Dave Lee Roth are on the attack!

Pasadena’s greatest rock export Van Halen survived its nationally televised debut on Monday night – Patched up Roth’s nose and shut down Hollywood Boulevard in the process!


Returning to support their new live album, “Tokyo Dome Live in Concert,” and a recently announced summer tour, the band tore through a handful of its classics as the musical guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday night.

Blasting out the classics “Panama,” “Running with the Devil,” “Hot for Teacher,” “Dance the Night Away” and more in front of the El Capitan Theatre to a huge crowd of fans and tourists.

“We waited 45 years for this,” screamed Roth with a huge grin.

A couple minutes into the band’s first song, “Panama,”  Roth cut his nose as he was spinning his microphone stand like a drum major. The band stopped. Explaining with typical good humor what had just happened, the singer retreated side-stage to tend to the wound. While away, fans were treated to an improvised jam among the three Van Halens on stage (Now consisting of brothers Alex and Eddie and the latter’s son Wolfgang on bass) . They riffed on “Panama,” Eddie working his guitar with miraculous deftness, Alex and Wolfgang tugging at the rhythm. The diversion illustrated the depth of the trio’s playing, and confirmed a hard rock unit that sounded as tight as always was.

Jump – If you have never heard this then you need some ‘Rock School’!

When Roth returned, he was wearing a prominent bandage across his nose. For continuity’s sake, the band restarted “Panama” from the top and continued as though nothing had happened. Those in attendance knew otherwise, even if the edited version broadcast on Monday night made no mention of the mishap.

Van Halen takes to the road in July, and the tour’s final 2015 show is at the Hollywood Bowl rolls around on October 2nd.

Were you there for the show? Will you be there on the tour? What’s your memories of Van Halen?

Let us know in comments below!



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