UTB Movie review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardian of the Galaxy : Action packed, entertaining and not just for fans
Rating : PG13

I wouldn’t call it the best Marvel movie till date but it’s definitely up there in the top three. Entertaining to the core, extremely well done action scenes and a treat for everyone – Marvel fans, DC Fans, even the non Comic fans.

The plot starts with Star lord finding an orb on the planet Morag. Not knowing what’s inside) and who else is after it (Ronan the Accuser), he tries to sell it to the highest bidders. What follows is how the rest of the Guardians (Gamora, Rocket, Groot and Drax) come together and realize their higher responsibility to the Galaxy, how individual sacrifices makes them go beyond their selfish motives and become the heroes who we have grown to adore.

The screen play was excellent and never felt a drag throughout the movie. Viewers are entertained through out with great comedy. Groot and Rocket were my personal best. While Groot’s vocabulary (Don’t want to spoil it for you) was spectacular, Rocket was the cute one but deadly when it came to combat. The big surprise though was Thanos. He was given more than expected screen time and I couldn’t stop cheering for this most powerful bad ass in the universe. This is enough of a hint that the Avengers and Guardians will come along in the same movie in future. The Films action sequences were mind blowing. Especially the climax fight between Ronan, the Guardians and Nova Corps.

Another thing that deserves mention is the background score and the 80’s music that kept popping up in the movie. It was refreshing to see a music tape with the title “best mix” and that made me feel nostalgic every time Peter Quill used a Walkman. The movie also did a great job of balancing some emotion without over doing it. Especially when Star Lord ********* himself to ***** ****** and **** ********* himself to save the *********** (Oops, spolier haha !).

Overall an excellent Action packed, Entertaining movie for everyone with some comedy to spice it up. 8/10
The after credit scene was pretty hilarious and kind of came from out of the blue but it made the experience slightly different than what we are used to seeing so far.