It’s here! The first ever GeekCast. And we have a fantastic show in store. Watch live as we chat with American Revenant author, John L. Davis IV. He is writing the next great zombie apocalypse and is excited to share his universe with the UTB Geek readers. Not only will we be talking about his work, but he is going to discuss with us the zombie geek outs we love.


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American Revenant: Hometown Exodus

American Revenant: Settlers and Sorrow


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  • Great work on the first video cast. I enjoyed watching it.

    • E

      thanks, Alex! John was great to interview, and as long as the fans are happy, so are we! Tell us what you’d love to see in a future cast if you have any thoughts!

      • Well, I do have an affinity to Lovecraft, so maybe something along those lines?