Typical? Geek

I know this guy who seems apologetic when discussing his geekiness because he doesn’t feel like he’s the typical geek. That got me to thinking, because I don’t believe such a thing exists. But let’s play devil’s advocate and use this site as a framework for the definition of a “typical geek.”

If we were to look at the site’s most talked about topics, we would see that the UTB Geek seems most interested in: Marvel, DC, Comics, Movies, TV, Trailers, and Batman. So, apparently, the typical geek, as UTB sees it, is really into the comic canon and their transitions to the screen. Seems reasonable. Right now, superheroes are hot, and there are enough to cater to everyone’s taste.

But let’s dive even further into the stereotypical geek. Geeks are most often considered an awkward cousin to nerds. Nerds are intellectual, while geeks can be obsessive. Nerds may know #AllTheThings, but geeks collect #AllTheThings. The word “geek” is not limited to a genre. It is as diverse as your mind can make it.
I think this is where people veer from the pack. Because my geek things may not be your geek things. You know my top three, but maybe further down my list we’ll see we both like a lot of the same. The beauty of being a geek is being able to custom build your own interests. For example, I have a group of friends for tabletop gaming and a group for console gaming. Even the things we agree on could lead to the revelation that the particulars are different. I mean I love Superman, but I’m not a huge comic book person. Also to me, Christopher Reeve is my Superman geekout. Don’t agree, that’s okay. There’s enough Man of Steel to go around.
Furthermore, being a typical geek is far too limiting for my tastes. I enjoy delving into several different things, and if I stuck to the norm I may miss out on the more subtle beauty found on the fringes. Plus, the more interests you have, the more opportunities you get to commiserate with others about joint geek loves. Being a geek is being a part of a community.

Let’s recap: if we were all “typical” geeks, we’d only ever talk about the comic book universes (at least here). Being diverse in our geekiness allows us to enjoy different things with different people. So, I think the last thing anyone should be is a “typical” geek… far too constrictive. Give me atypical any day.

What do you think makes for a typical geek? Do you have any “fringe” geek interests you’d like to see more of on this site? Tell us in the comments!


E is a long time blogger about a great and many things people overlook. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.

  • james pisano

    Good one E! Good points.

    • E

      I’m glad you found it interesting! I’m a champion for every geek!

  • james pisano

    I had not thought to distinguish “nerd” from “geek.”