Turn Text into Sick Beats

IMG_20150513_084013_editA new website allows you to input any text and hear it translated into a cacophony of drum beats. Type in your name, the site you love to visit, or throw around some randomness just to see what happens. Even if you’re not an audiophile or music lover, take a few and input some words. The snares, kick drums, and high hats give a playful feel to any word or phrase.

If you like audio symmetry try out a palindrome or two. I had fun with “racecar” personally. Yes, I took out the space because even punctuation, spaces, and line returns have their own sound. So, head over and try it out…




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  • undbiter65

    I find it extremely fun for some reason! Lol

    • E

      It is! Love the palindrome trick.