Tremors 5 Begins Filming

Tremors, a near perfect mash-up of horror, action, comedy, and sci-fi, burst on to the scene in 1990, starring Kevin Bacon, Michael Gross, and Fred Ward among others. While not reaching anywhere near blockbuster status, it was successful enough to spawn 3 more movies, and a short lived TV series. More importantly to me, it’s one of those movies that if I see it playing on a channel as I’m channel surfing, I’m sure to watch it.

Looks like he's having more fun here than on Family Ties
Looks like he’s having more fun here than on Family Ties

24 years later, filming has started on the fifth installment of the series. Michael Gross reprises the roll he’s played in the previous 4 movies as Burt Gummer, weapons enthusiast turned creature hunter. This time the movie Gummer brings along his new sidekick played by Scream alum, Jaime Kennedy. Filming is taking place in South Africa, and will see the return of the Graboids, the Ass Blasters, and a new species that is sure to cause more problems for Gummer and his ginger sidekick.



image via Universal