Trailer Park- Turbo Kid

Part Kick Ass, part Scott Pilgrim, part Mad Max, Turbo Kid may be the movie to watch, even if you’re too embarrassed to actually purchase tickets to see it.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future (you’ve got to love post-apocalyptic futures) a young scavenger obsessed with comic books discovers he may be a hero in his own right after meeting a mysterious girl.

The film stars Munro Chambers as Turbo Kid and Laurence Leboeuf as his new gal pal. And helping out these two who are complete unknowns (to me…) is a nearly unrecognizable Michael Ironside, as the leader of the post-apocolyptic band of bad guys.

The costume, the bike, and the boy meets girl scenes that look straight out of a Michael Cera movie may make turn you off of the movie, but watch on, and if you’re like me, the comic relief gore will tell you this movie will be a keeper.