Tom Brady’s suspension upheld by NFL Commish

I love all sorts of sports. I love baseball and it is baseball season, but in Lubbock, TX we don’t get much coverage of the New York Yankees. That being said, Football and Basketball are my 2 favorite sports to watch and…

Unless you have been living under a rock since January, during which the NFL Playoffs were taking place, then you might have heard about “Deflate-gate.” NFL superstar quarterback Tom Brady along with his New England Patriots were accused of “allegedly” deflating some of the footballs their team provided during their game vs the Indianapolis Colts.

Earlier this year, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handed down a 4 game suspension the Brady. The NFL Player’s Association (NFLPA) was quick to file an appeal. The appeal was heard on June 23rd over a 10-hour time frame. Today, it was announced that the 4 game suspension would be upheld.

It is likely that Brady and his lawyers will seek to take his suspension to the Supreme Court to see if his grievance can be heard.