This “piece of plastic” is worth $70K !

TIE Fighter Pilot's headpiece
TIE Fighter Pilot’s headpiece

This incredibly rare prop from the original Star Wars was discovered during an event in Buckinghamshire in “Antiques Roadshow,” the venerable BBC programme about valuing people’s collections. The helmet, a TIE Fighter Pilot’s headpiece from “A New Hope”, is one of only 12 ever made for the movie. It was reportedly found in the attic of the crew member it was gifted to more than 30 years ago before being bought by Star Wars fan and collector Stephen Lane for a few thousand pounds who then brought it to Antiques Roadshow. Much to his surprise, the helmet was valued by the show’s experts as being worth £40-50,000 (roughly $60-80,000).

Fiona Bruce, host of the TV show, was disgruntled that a mere “piece of plastic” could be worth so much before declaring that to ‘anyone not of [Lane’s] world’ it’s worth was astonishing. Though understandable, as the show deals mainly with fine art and items considerably older than a movie prop, it’s sad to see the disdain thrown at something for being slightly geeky. Just as paintings and fine china were the media of the old, movies are a HUGE part of today’s culture.

(Source: Independent)