There is too much air in your potato chip bags, this raft proves it!

Raft made of unopened chip bags
Raft made of unopened chip bags

I’m sure we can all relate to the bitter disappointment felt when you open a hefty looking bag of chips only to discover most of the contents was air. A group of South Korean college kids, created a working raft composed entirely out of unopened bags of chips and paddled across the Han River as a way of complaining.

While the nitrogen, not oxygen, inside the potato serves a purpose (to keeps the air dry and the chips crisp, so that when you open the bag you won’t be treated to moldy chip hell. Manufacturers also stuff the bags with air so that chips won’t become crumbs during transit by the time you open them.) I think we can all agree there could definitely be more chips in the bag.

"The making of" the ramp
“The making of” the ramp

The Korean students, who felt the amount of air in potato chip bags to be unnecessary, made the raft out of 160 unopened chip bags and two of them paddled a distance of approximately .8 miles across the river.

The problem is that people are buying chips based on how big the bag LOOKS. Well, here at UTB GEEK, we encourage you to do some reading and buy based on weight instead.