The X-Files: The Investigations Continue

The six part miniseries will premiere with special back to back episodes on Sunday January 24th and Monday January 25th before falling back to weekly airing of the rest of the episodes. Check your local listing as both premiere episodes are aired at different times on each of the two nights. The clip below shows an overview of what to expect from the miniseries.

As a fan of the series I hope they do right by the show. My only concern is The X-Files was new and exciting some 24 years ago. There have been many great shows appearing on our screen since, will we be jaded by newer series? Will the same recipe still work in today’s environment? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


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  • I also loved the X-Files, I really hope (like you) that this is going to work, if it doesn’t I think it’s going to ruin what I remember. Fingers crossed!