The X-Files: My Struggle II Finale Promo-Fox TV

The series started with its first episode titled My Struggle. Since then the story has been stand alone series. The last episode is titled My Struggle II wrapping up the major theme of The X-Files conspiracy theory against a rogue government agency  or organization of a powerful élite group. Will the show give us a satisfactory conclusion? More importantly, has the rating of the show done enough for network executive to bring the show back? Can the two stars of the show David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson be persuaded to return? I’m hinting Netflix should offer to commissioned a 13 episode series. They got the money to budget a better produced series and it also offer the two stars the flexibility of working on other projects. What do you think of The X-Files series so far? Would you like to see the return of Season 11? Check out the finale promo of the show below.


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