The Walking Dead : Twice As Far Episode 14 Preview -AMC

Spoiler warning ahead of The Walking Dead recap and preview of next week’s episode if you have not already watch last night titled The Same Boat. Also warning on some graphic scene of violence in the following clip. The episode on Maggie and Carol who were held captive by the Saviors led by Polly. As the episode goes, Carol and Maggie seems to be switching personality where Carol loses her nerve and Maggie turn into a stone cold killer. Perhaps the mama bear instinct was brought on by her pregnancy. A great episode of tension keeping the viewers at the edge of their seats fearing either one of the character will suffer the worst fate. Next week the two groups leaves Alexandria for supplies. While both worry about the future of their community, they have to deal with the present danger. The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday March 20th. Check your local listing.



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