The Walking Dead : Last Day On Earth – Season Finale Preview – AMC

Ahead of the season 6 season finale this Sunday on The Walking Dead titled Last Day On Earth, here’s a look at a couple of previews, also a most talked about scene clip from last night episode titled East. Do not click and read on if you have not caught up on the series. I had previously blogged about the leaked of the season finale episode here. Again major spoiler plot reveal if you go to that link.  From the clip below on last night’s episode, it would seem Carol could not escape the violence she wanted to leave behind. Her distressed when facing the Saviours is not so much for herself rather a reminder to survive in her world, killing is a reality she cannot avoid. She was not begging for her life, she was begging for theirs. The only think I can talk about next week episode is, it’s going to be a 90 minute episode and the most talk about the fearsome villain Negan will emerge. The Walking Dead season finale  Last Day On Earth air on AMC this Sunday April 3rd. Check your local listing.


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