The Ultimate Geek Toy – your own portable island!



Getting rich in your Mother’s basement, but Mom is tiring of doing your laundry?

Need a place where you can play paintball, play with drones, sk8tboard, perform extreme superhero stunts without anyone having anything to say about it?

If you’re a Geek with too much money perhaps you should consider a place of your very own far away from social restrictions. A private eco-friendly self-sustaining portable island.

If you’re Justin Bieber or some other wealthy social outcast, perhaps a place with no neighbors within egg throwing distance is just right for you.

Amillah Private Islands, the company behind the grand scheme is currently taking orders for your custom Island. Will you beat the Kardashians to your own private playground?

Their renderings show islands in Maldives, Miami and Dubai, where Amillarah islands are already planned.