The Purge : Election Year Official Trailer 2 – Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures has released a second trailer for the upcoming horror thriller The Purge : Election Year. Just in time for a real election year in the U.S. This chapter tells a tale of an ambitious senator Bernie Sanders  Charlene ‘Charlie’  Roan(Elizabeth Mitchell) who wanted to abolish the annual purge event. As a victim herself 15 years ago, she realize the event is just a target against the poor and the marginalized group in the country by a group of powerful GOP elite. James DeMonaco the series creator is once again at the helm of writing and directing. Michael Bay is listed as one of the producer. The film did really well on the last two instalments. The Purge with a budget of only $3 million made almost $90 million world-wide and The Purge  Anarchy with a budget of $9 million took in $110 million. Will you be purging your wallet for this third instalment of the franchise?

The Purge : Election Year is set to debut in theatres July 1st. Check out the trailer below


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