The Lion’s Song Episode One Trailer – Mipumi Games

The Lion’s Song is a game by Vienna independent developer Mipumi Games. It has released a trailer on the first episode of the story. This is a story driven adventure game available on Steam. The point and click story set in the early 20th century that focus on various Austrian artists, musicians and scientists. Each episode focus on a specific artist that faces struggle with inspiration and creativity. The first episode title Silence, tells the story of a talented music student by the name of Wilma. She is increasingly under the pressure of her professor to produce music. She decided to go on a solitary retreat at the Alpine to deal with her writer’s block.

Thee are three episodes scheduled to release this year. This series  can be pre-order by purchasing the season pass . It will also be made available for mobile devices. For more information and to order your own copy click here. Check out the trailer below.


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