The Grudge Vs The Ring (Sadako Vs Kayako) – Paramount Pictures

Beside anime and Godzilla monsters, the Japanese also excel in horror comic books and movies. A couple of them got remade by Hollywood to the delight of horror genre fans. One of them is The Ring (Ringu) in 2002 and the other is The Grudge (Ju-On) 2004. Since then you see a lot of inspire Hollywood horror movies that pay homage to the Japanese creation. While both Ringu and Ju-On shared the same plot of curse of evil spirits, they are two very different stories. What initially was an April Fool’s joke that went viral had Kadokawa Pictures  and NBCUniversal Japan join forces to create the ultimate evil battle of  Sadako Vs Kayako -The Grudge Versus The Ring. The plot start like two different stories until the two evil spirit cross path on the same victim. The film set to release on June 18th in Japan and October in the US just in time for Halloween.


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