The Flash ZOOM’s Coming Extended Trailer

Fresh from a very exciting easter eggs filled episode. One of the most talk about among fans is Who is Zoom? We have guesses of Eddie Thawne, Jay Garrick, Wally West to Barry Allen’s father and even Barry Allen of Earth-2. The hint from the trailer seems to be telling us his identity will be revealed perhaps next week? I would love that. This show pulls no punches and one of its strength is not dragging a plot for too long. From the trailer we also see the return of King Shark! John Diggler and Lyla  cross over from Earth-1? And who is that Masked girl? Female Speedster by the name of Trajectory? Check out the extended promo. There’s no way all the characters will be in the same episode next week. Regardless, I can’t wait till Tuesday. Who do you think Zoom is? Leave your comments below.


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