The Flash : The Runaway Dinosaur S02E21 Recap – Spoiler Warning

Reeling from the lost of Barry, Wells, Joe and Iris suddenly remember Jesse and Wally. They rush to the hall to find  the two on the floor. While Wally came around unscathed, Jesse remains unconscious just like Barry when he was hit by the lightning the very first time. Joe went to Henry who is still shock at the disappearance of Barry to help Jesse. He is the only doctor in the team now. Meanwhile Cisco was touching the Flash suit and got a vibe that tells him Barry is still alive. He excitedly tell the rest. Wells is worry about Jesse to give much thought. Joe, Iris and Cisco remember how Eobard Thawne treat Barry the first time around. They have the record in the basement/morgue. Cisco had Iris to accompany him to search for it. As the duo found the formula, they were interrupted by a zombie meta-human. It’s Tony/Girder, the metal man. The two ran out of the morgue, but Girder saw his own reflections and scare himself off STAR Lab instead. While Henry tending to Jesse, Joe urge Wells and Cisco to get Barry back.

Meanwhile Barry Allen is trap inside the speed force where everyone he encounter, Joe, Iris, Henry and his mother are all a form of speed force. There’s also his Flash self that speeding through waiting for him to catch up. He had to accept his responsibility as the Flash for the speedster in him to return. It’s a self discovery therapy as he speak to each character expressing his feelings and conflicts over the years. While Wells and Cisco managed to vibe to pull him back, but Barry did not reach out. He was told if he does not catch up with the Flash within the speed force he will be without his power if he returns to Earth-1. The final person he encounter is his mother, he had not been able to resolve  the death of Nora. Both mother and son has a therapeutic chat. Nora soothingly told him she is proud of him. They both brought out his favourite childhood novel, The Runaway Dinosaur. Eventually Nora ask Barry if he is ready. He stood up reaching out to the speeding Flash and caught him, as the two merge into one.

Cisco and Wells temporary abandon the idea as they have to deal with the zombie Girder. Iris volunteer to lure him back to STAR Lab while Cisco set up a magnetic field system to zap zombie Girder brains out. That did not work out as everyone lock themselves inside the Breach room. Zombie Girder is slowly breaking down the door as the team trapped inside running out of option. Cisco decide to give it another try to reach out for Barry. He realized it was Barry that refuse to come back earlier. This time Iris volunteer to tag along and trying to bring him back. As Nora within the speed force urging Barry on, Run Barry Run, he reach out to Iris hand and get pull back to Earth-1. Everyone embraces for getting Barry back. There was no time to waste as the door was broken down by zombie Girder. Flash took Iris and lure him into Cisco lab. The magnetic field system did not work earlier because of the lack of longer cord. Flash run around the magnetic field in circles to get it charge up enough to put zombie Girder down.

Later Barry get to visit Jesse at the med lab, when he touches Jesse a slight jolt of lightning brought her out of coma. He can’t explain to the the team how it works. Iris and Barry get to visit his mom grave for the first time. He brought his childhood book along. Iris told him she never like the book because it’s about mother’s love that neither she or Barry get to experience. Barry told Iris he does not know what they have but she meant everything to him.

The final scene we saw Caitlin still handcuffed at CCPD where Zoom giving her the ultimatum. She is either with him or against him. He will need an answer after he gives his speech to a rowdy bunch of meta-human from Earth-2 that he had assembled on the hall of CCPD.

Next week penultimate episode of the season title Invincible sees Zoom unleashes an army of  meta-human from Earth-2  lead by Black Canary doppelgänger, Black Siren.

Zombie Girder
Zombie Girder
The only dinosaur in the episode
The only dinosaur in the episode
I'm ready to let go mom.
I’m ready to let go mom.
It's electrifying!
It’s electrifying!
ZOOM's Suicide Squad
ZOOM’s Suicide Squad


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