The Flash : The Runaway Dinosaur S02E21 Preview – The CW Network

Ahead of tonight’s very exciting episode 21 titled The Runaway Dinosaur of the Flash, CW Network has released some previews that include the king of all nerd Kevin Smith who directed tonight’s episode. As the season approach finale, viewers will see the emerge of more speedsters and hopefully in time to help Barry to battle the big bad ZOOM. Unlike Jon Snow tease, despite the incineration of Barry Allen on last episode, we know that he is not dead. We also teased with next week episode of Black Canary as the evil meta human from Earth 2 send by ZOOm to take out The Flash. Who is that zombie/Colossus meta-human chasing Team Flash? Is that a new pair of Flash ears for our Barry Allen? It’s going to be a fun episode. The Flash air 8pm Tuesday on The CW Network. Check your local listing.


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