The Flash Season 2 Finale Recap – Spoiler Alert

Continuing from last episode. Barry is face with Zoom killing Henry Allen in front of him. Zoom succeeded in making Barry fill with hate and anger. After the heart breaking scene of his dad, he was lure by Zoom to speed out of the house and had Barry beat the crap out of him. Just when we thought Zoom was dead. Another Zoom show up.  Zoom created a time remnant of himself. This will come in handy later in the episode.

There were Only Team Flash and at the funeral. I suppose Team Arrow are too busy dealing with Damien Darhk to pay their respect. Back in STAR Labs, Barry is fill with hatred of Zoom wanting to do more than just to kill him. The team is concern at his well-being. His anger will not win over Zoom. They try to talk him down but he want to hear none of it. Together minus Wally, they decided to tase him and locked him up. None of them feels good about doing that.

Without Barry, the rest device a plan to send Zoom back to Earth 2 and close the breach for good. Caitlin will pretend to regret her decision to leave Zoom, Cisco will vibe the breach open when Wells and Joe will tase Zoom and toss him over the breach. Thing never goes the way as plan. At least they took precaution with Caitlin. They tracked down where Zoom was. He was building that magnetar to be use for the race between him and Flash. Caitlin show up and gave her speech to distract Zoom. But he is too smart for them instead he reach out to kill Caitlin. Thank god its only a hologram projection from Star Labs. Wells quickly fire a shot at Zoom follow by Joe but his weapon failed. He has to manually plunged the dart onto Zoom instead he got taken along with Zoom into Earth 2 when the breach was open by Cisco.

The team was reeling the lost of Joe back in the Star Labs.They had agree earlier if anything happen to anyone of them, they will stick with the plan. Just then Wally West stroll in and Iris had to tell him what happen to their dad. He wants none to do with their plan. Just like Barry, after losing his mom he is not going to lose his dad as well. Behind the team he release Barry from the cell. Barry was of course livid, while not as angry as before he seems calm enough the team will have to trust him on his next plan to get Joe back. Cisco use his vibe to send Barry to accept Zoom challenge but he must bring Joe along.

During the time in Earth 2 Joe found out from Zoom the guy behind the mask is Jay Garrick a speedster from Earth-3. Zoom attempt to steal the speed from Jay Garrick failed and he turned to Barry of Earth -1 instead.

At the meet. Zoom confirmed his end game by using the magnetar on Earth -1 to destroy the other earths. The race in the giant magnetar will power it up unless Barry can out race Zoom. Zoom refuse to let Joe go until the end of the race. Barry had a better plan during the race, he jumped back in time to create a time remnant of himself to save Joe. Zoom was mad and tackle him in which Barry jump in to help while letting his time remnant  counter the pulse they generated earlier. The time remnant of Barry sacrifice himself but successfully shut down the magnetar. At this time two time-wraiths show up dragging Zoom away to speedforce and disappear.

Back at Star Labs, Wells and Cisco is helping to unmask Jay Garrick from Earth 3, when the mask is off, they have the look of shock of their life. None is more shock than Barry Allen who just lost his dad. Jay Garrick is the doppelgänger of Henry Allen. It was too much for Barry to take in. He went off to a corner and start sobbing uncontrollably as Joe walk in trying to console him.

It has come full circle for The Flash character John Wesley Shipped don the same costume 26 years ago when he play the speedster.

Wells and Jesse decided to return to Earth 2 with the help of Jay Garrick. Cisco is using his vibe to open up the breach for the trio after they said their goodbye.

Back at the West house, Barry is still grieving, sitting at the porch with Iris. Despite Iris profess her love, he is not ready until he can heal his own broken heart. Iris left him alone on the porch. He stood up take a look at his team inside the house and utter an apology and speed off.

The final scene saw him returning to the first scene where Nora was being kill. In previous episode in the same scene his old Flash told him not to interfere with the time line to save his mother, he obliged. This time he go against the advise and kill off Reverse Flash.

Barry once again display his stubbornness disobeying the speedforce rule. By going back in time line  to save his mother will have a huge repercussion for season 3. So what do you think of the season finale and the overall season? Will you be back for season 3?

Two Flash can beat one Zoom.
Two Flash can beat one Zoom.


Like a scene from Ghost, two time wraiths drag away Zoom.
Like a scene from Ghost, two time-wraiths drag away Zoom.
Original Flash resurface after 26 years.
Original Flash resurface after 26 years.
If Flash could turn back time.
If Flash could turn back time.



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