The Flash: Reverse-Flash recap Spoiler Alert!

This is a recap for tonight episode of The Flash. Spoiler ahead.


Last episode we see Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne was confused showing up in Central City. His intention is to track down The Flash time line so he can eliminate his competition via different points of the history. Now he needs to get home and plan his attack(This Eobard Thawne knows nothing about Barry Allen of the current time line. He has yet to murder Barry Allen’s mom or attempt to kill Cisco yet, at least not until the end of the episode when both Barry Allen and Cisco somehow sees the need to tell him of the plans that he had yet to hatch). At Mercury lab he found and kidnap Christina McGee who is familiar with the tachyon hardware that could help him home. Meanwhile back at Star Lab, Cisco being his usual self annoying the heck out of Dr. Wells by slurping loudly on his coffee even though Dr. Wells told him not to. I’m liking how the writers are developing Cisco character, feeding him the funnier and sassier lines and Carlos Valdes is doing one heck of a job with his role. Cisco came up with an idea to get Dr. Wells help him hone his vibing power. He told Dr. Wells they could take advantage of his power to look for Zoom. In one of the funnier scene Dr. Wells dress up as Reverse Flash that literally scare the vibe out of Cisco. Through that Cisco found out Reverse Flash was back in Central City. Later Dr. Wells develop a “vibe glass” where Cisco saw Thawne kill Christina McGee after she had successfully get the tachyon hardware to work. Team Flash soon figure out that was a few hours into the future, they have the time to reverse the certain fate of Dr. McGee and prevent Thawne from escaping back to his future. Altering event in any time line is never good. While Team Flash successfully thwarted Thawne’s plan, another set of problem surface. While Thawne  imprisoned in the meta-human cell in Star Labs, Cisco started to bleed from the nose. Thing got worst as he suffer uncontrollable seizure to the point that he is physically fading away on the bed right in front of Team Flash. Dr.Wells quickly figure out a solution. They have to release Thawne and send him back to his home to alter the time line again. Without the taychon hardware that Flash destroyed earlier, Flash and Reverse-Flash have to use their combine speed, speeding around Star Lab to get to that time line portal. Flashed successfully  tossed Thawne through the portal.  Not before Reverse Flash had learned much about Barry Allen and Team Flash. We can expect his return in the future to wreak havoc on Team Flash later in the season.


In other development of the episode:

  • Patty finally figure out Barry Allen is The Flash. It did not help when she questioned Joe West who could not keep a straight face. Still when confronted, Barry continue to deny. Patty was heart-broken, Barry admission would have change her mind not to leave Central City. Which in small part Barry did not want to be the reason for her to stay. Also he is afraid of his enemies will try to kill and torment her to get to him. Near the end of the episode, Patty even pretend to be in distress in the train to have Flash send for one last time. I have to say this story line is getting silly. It’s one thing to hide your secret identity, it’s another to vehemently denied when everyone including Patty already know. The Flash enemies are not going to take his denial over all the evidence the other already shown they knew who Flash is. They could just kill of Team Flash one by one to get to Flash.
  • Francine is dying while the West families deal with that reality. Wally West for some reason choose this dire time to be angry with his dying mom. Maybe the angst of another dying mom is the reason a Flash 2 is created.
  • Caitlin Snow thought she got a great idea to help cure Jay Garrick by finding a doppelgänger of Jay who share the same cells. Unfortunately, Jay told her his cells were mutated when he got his speed. The solution is back to looking for Zoom.
  • Jay Garrick seems to be the one who is highly suspicious of Dr. Wells intention. He openly accuse him of killing the Turtle last week. We also saw Dr. Wells working secretly on a formular away.  I am suspicious of his intention of releasing and sending Eobard Thawne to his world. Saving Cisco life was a good cover and reason that others will not suspect of his true intention. I even suspect that vibe glass could be the reason Cisco was fading away.
  • “Bye! Felicia!” Cisco quip before shutting down the door on Reverse-Flash right after he explained their previous relationship. It’s good that I did not have a mouthful of drink.


So what do you think of the episode?


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