The Flash : King Shark Recap Spoiler Alert!

After a whirlwind of an adventure on Earth-2, Team Flash is back on Earth-1 dealing with the repercussion of their action in Earth-2 and watching Jay Garrick die in the hand of ZOOM before the breach was sealed. The team has no way to return to Earth-2 to undo all the damages since all the breaches are sealed. Poor Caitlin was dealt with another blow of losing another love interest. While Barry Allen carrying baggage of guilt blaming himself for death of Jay, Joe on Earth-2, drawing  ZOOM and his henchman such as King Shark causing havoc on both earth,  all because he started traveling back in time to prevent his mother from being murdered. Dr. Wells and Jesse Wells are literally homeless in Earth-1, uncertain of their future taking refuge in S.T.A.R Labs.

That bring us to the meta-human of the week. Just when you think it’s safe to be back in the water again (cue Jaws music), worst,  just when you think you can swim and walk on Central City again. Sharknadoes can’t hold a candle to this giant shark that can swim and walk on two feet. Some how the fish escape A.R.G.U.S Seaworld that led to Lyla and Diggle and team A.R.G.U.S making a trip to Central City to warn team Flash and help recapture King Shark. We have the footage of the escape below.

King Shark proves to be illusive but it has no problem tracking down The Flash. Just as Barry and Wally trying to patch things up in the living room, King Shark shows up and rip a huge hole off the roof of the suburbia home of the West family looking for The Flash. The encounter did not amount much when team A.R.G.U.S show up in time to fend off the shark attack. The final confrontation was at the waterfront, when team Flash set up a Flash doll laced with heavy dose of Nytol on a buoy to bait the fish. While the bait did not work, The Flash running on water leading King Shark to chase in circle while generating a huge dose of electricity to zap him into unconsciousness. Suddenly I’m hungry for some fish steak. Anyhow, Diggle, Lyla and her team A.R.G.U.S wasted no time packing up, placing the tased King Shark in a special container returning to Star City. Must be the call Diggle received from Oliver Queen telling them to hurry up. Team Arrow needs all the help rescuing his son from Damien Darhk and team H.I.V.E.

The great reveal comes at the end of the episode. Back to Earth-2, we saw the terrified masked prisoner reacting to the return of ZOOM with a dead Jay Garrick. He drop him on the floor and go ahead to unmask. It’s Jay Garrick!!! With that readers, the show is taking a mini break until March 22nd. So how does one explain the existence of 3 Jay Garrick? Could the masked prisoner The Flash of Earth-2? And who is he? How will Team Flash return to Earth-2?





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