The Flash : Invincible S02E22 Recap – Spoiler Warning

Previously Barry Allen was trapped in the speed force. Since his return his entire attitude change into an overly optimistic one if not over-confident. So much so the rest of the team is concern he might underestimate the challenge of taking on Zoom. But I’m way ahead of myself. The episode starts with meta-humans attacking the CCPD police forces. Until Flash show up and round them up quickly. Caitlin show up at STAR Labs to everyone surprise that ZOOM would just released her unharmed and with no condition. Poor Caitlin is suffering PDST through out, often haunted by the presence of Zooms. While watching her resting Cisco and Barry was discussing about Caitlin plight, he got a vibe of a dead bird. He could not make anything out of it and shrugged off. just then alarm alerted Barry there’s another attack awaiting his attention.

Black Siren (doppelgänger of Black Canary/Laurel Lance) show up near Mercury Labs letting out her scream that cause the entire building shaking and started to crumble. While Dr. Tina McGee got everyone to evacuate in time, she had to be rescue by Flash before she fall to her death. To Barry surprise she know he is the Flash. She was taken to STAR Labs to meet everyone. She told  the team it was not Zoom that brought down the building. She told Barry to recover a black box that might have a clue.

Out on the street Wally is playing vigilante himself trying to do his part to save Central City. He’s been suffering inferiority complex since the dead of his mom, his kidnaped by Zoom and tired of being the damsel in distress. But the purse-snatcher he trying to stop turn out to be a meta-human. Joe show up in time to ‘boot’ him and lectured Wally to stand down and berated him for playing the hero.

Henry could not help himself but telling Barry not to be over-confident. The Speed Force makes Barry feel invincible. He is not afraid of anything for the first time. Henry tells him to be cautious anyway. Barry got upset with Henry. They have a row but eventually made up as Zoom send a giant signal to summon him to CCPD lab. Zoom was taunting Barry, telling him they are both have the same background and saving people and wanting to be a hero will be his downfall.

At Star Labs the team discuss how to bring down Zoom and meta-human collectively. Using some kind of vibration tech like the time Cisco use it on the Time Wraith. Cisco also got another vibe and seeing more dead birds at his feet.

Joe pulled Barry aside urge him to give Wally a good talk. Tell Barry to go as Flash to stop Wally from playing vigilante. Barry obliged showing up while Wally was in his car listening to police radio channels. They did not get much words in before Barry was summon to another crisis. As Wally too speeding and trailing behind Flash. Barry was surprise to see it was Black Canary doppelgänger as are the team back in STAR Labs. Flash got a taste of the Black Siren scream that paralyze him. Just then Wally drove the car knocking Black Siren off urging Flash to jump in and speed off. Once Flash regain his composure, he speed back into STAR Lab, leaving the grinning  smug Wally feeling good for saving Flash.

Wells and Cisco figuring out meta-human from Earth-2 are set in a different vibration, if they create a ‘dimensional tuning fork’.  It can knock out the meta-humans. But it will require the vibration to bounce within a wall. Barry has to run around the city to create that wall for it to work. The pressing issue is Zoom is sending out Black Siren to bring more buildings down. Flash can’t be in two places. Cisco came up with a crazy idea.

Black Siren turn up in a multi-units complex as her next target. Cisco and Caitlin show up as Reverb and Killerfrost, both pretend to seek Black Siren assistant to join forces with them to take down Zoom. She seems to buy into their plan until she toss something at Cisco who catch it in the wrong hand that give away their ruse. Both bid their escape from Black Siren. They were cornered, out of desperation Cisco shoot out his hand that send a vibration force that temporary knock down Black Siren. Black Siren continue to approach but he could not repeat the same power. Just then Flash has created the solid wall enough for the vibrations to knock out all meta-humans. Zoom able to open a portal to escape in time. The vibration also is causing problem for Jesse in STAR Labs. Her headphone did not work well, Wells sacrifice his to save Jesse but he got knock out as well. Flash round-up all the meta-human and jailed them in STAR Labs. Harrison Wells is not meta-human he recover from the vibration fast enough. Cisco had another vibe, this time beside the dead birds he saw the entire city of Earth-2 crumbling  down into the poles.

The team and friends have a victory celebration at the West’s home. The joy was short live when Zoom show up and grab Henry as Flash reacted in pursue. Wally for the first time saw Barry turn into Flash right before his eyes. Zoom took Henry to Allen’s home and Barry is right behind. Poor Barry watch his father get kill by Zoom right before his eyes as both parents become the victims of Zoom in the same spot a decade apart. No Speed Force is going to give Barry that invincible feel again.

Next week season finale episode 23 titled The Race Of His Life will see the final confrontation between the two speedsters.




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