The Death of ‘Superman Lives,’ What Happened???

The documentary of the Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage “Superman Lives” that never made it to the big screen is finally going to be released! It seems as if this Thursday, July 9th, that the documentary and blu-ray will be available for purchase. One can only wonder if it would’ve been accepted by the masses… I guess we’ll never get to see a true “finished product,” but at least we’ll get to see some of the pre-production ideas they had with this documentary!

There are three levels of digital options available for purchase, the most content being on:

Includes over 8 hours of EXCLUSIVE content!
-The Film
-The Featurette
-Deleted Scenes
-Kevin Smith’s “Superman Lives” Story 2014
-Resuscitation Suit SFX Footage
-Director’s Commentary
-Crew Commentary featuring:
Director: Jon Schnepp
Producer: Holly Payne
Editor: Marie Jamora
Technical Producer: Christopher Graybill
Executive Producer: Rob Pierce
-Grant Morrison Interview
-Red Carpet Premiere
-Premiere Night Q&A (and marriage proposal)
-TDOSLWH/Kevin Smith Q&A
-Kevin Smith & Jon Schnepp talk Comics
-TDOSLWH Origin Story
-Comic Artists, Writers & Fans talk Superman
-Sylvain Despretz’ Bonus Audio
-Tim Burton Word Association

PLUS extended interviews with:
Jon Peters
Colleen Atwood
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Steve Johnson
Wesley Strick
Derek Frey
Sylvain Despretz

which is also the content contained in the physical blu-ray. You can find out more information and pre-order your download or physical copy of the documentary, by clicking on the source link below!!!