Tabletop Gaming Custom Dice

Nothing better than play a Tabletop Gaming with a nice and awesome custom dice. They can be made with different materials as plastic injection, wood, precious gems and rock solid metal, and comes in different shapes, colors and sizes.

I love Custom Dice and here I’ll present some Dice Manufacturers that I trully recommend:


  • Artisan Dice – Individually machine crafted dice made from fancy woods, stones and solid metal. Not cheap, but the final product is simply gorgeous and classy;
  • Crystal Castle – Known for the barrel-like “crystal” dice, and for their dice made from actual metal and precious gems. Crystal Caste also manufactures standard RPG gaming dice in the common polyhedral dice shapes.
  • Chessex – The largest and most well-known RPG dice manufacturer. Comes in a variety of classy finishes and colours;
  • Koplow – Large Dice manufacturer from China. Koplow focuses pretty heavily on non-gaming market sources and has a massive inventory with over 1200 different standard and polyhedral dices.
  • Dice Game Depot – Nice collection of dices from different sizes, colors and shapes.

My favourite is Q-Workshop – the leading manufacturer of crafted tabletop game dice in the world.

Unusual decorative dice have become an invaluable companion of gamers all over the world – turning many of them into regular collectors and fans. Q-workshop’s main goal is to surprise, amaze and please the gamers who use their beautifully crafted dice.

At Q-Workshop you will will find official licensed dice for Pathfinder, Numenera, Warmachine & Hordes, Call of Cthulhu, Arkham Horror, Kingsburg, Deadlands, Shadowrun and many other games!


Interested in creating your own custom dice?

Q-Workshop provides Custom Dice Manufacturing according to your needs.


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