Swiss Army Man Official Red Band Trailer – A24

A24 has released a red band trailer for its up coming offbeat comedy Swiss Army Man. The film won best directing for Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schneinert at the Sundance Film Festival. The screen play is also by the duo. Both are known for their music videos (Turn Down For What). This odd ball adventure comedy starred Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano. The term Swiss Army Man refers to Daniel Radcliffe, Manny a dead corpse, a multi purpose friend/companion discover by a stranded Hank (Paul Dano) feeling the end of his life on an island. The Swiss Army Man is a constant farting corpse that can propel across the ocean, a water jug, a compass, a weapon and a fire starter. With the help of Manny, Hank rediscover his life that gives him hope to rejoin civilization to find the woman of his dream. Other cast include Mary Elizabeth Winstead(10 Cloverfield Lane), Timothy Eulich(Jurassic World, Captain America : The  First Avenger) and Richard Gross. This fantasy comedy drama very much in line with film like The Lobster with its unusual premise. Check out the trailer below. Content of the trailer deal with immature subject, viewer discretion is advised.


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