Supergirl : Solitude Episode 15 Sneak Peek- CBS

CBS has released a bunch of sneak peek previews of the upcoming episode 15 titled Solitude. Base on the first clip, is Marvel’s Mystique crossing over to DC universe? The show runner should retitled the episode to Cat Fight. Seriously, the show need to develop Winn Shortt Jr. (Jeremy Jordan) character. The humiliation every week on that character is lowering the self-esteem of the viewers. There is a fine line being a funny character versus a victim of abuse. This show is not heavy enough to deal with that subject. The main plot of this episode is Kara has to travel to the Fortress of Solitude to learn how to defeat Indigo(Laura Vandervoort) who has connection to Kara’s past. Check out the sneak peaks for next week’s episode.


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