Supergirl : Myriad Ep19 Recap Spoiler Warning – CBS TV

Last week Non activated the Myriad program that turn most of National City  residents into his army. Let’s get to the most exciting part of the episode. Weee! Superman make an appearance! Yes! Check out the photographic evidence below. But Superman too was getting under the influence of Myriad. Even Lucy and DEO were under the spell. If not for Supergirl stopping them, Non would have them release all the captured aliens. Supergirl trying to get some answer from the A.I but it ran away. Instead the hologram Alura told her daughter there’s nothing she can do. We see Supergirl, Maxwell and Cat Grant (thanks to a special pair of diamond earrings Maxwell gifted her the night before that block out the Myriad influence) spend pretty much the entire episode debating how to resolve the Myriad influence. Meanwhile Alex Danvers and J’onn Jon’zz still trying to get to Project Cadmus to save Jeremiah Danvers. They were in disguise as mother and child evading authorities. Again why not fly to the location? They stop midway at Danvers home to be told by Mama Danvers National City is in trouble. Of course both insist on helping Supergirl to save the city despite they were told to stay away by Kara. This time J’onn J’onzz actually took Alex and fly to National City. Indigo can sense the presence of J’onn Jon’zz, he was not entirely immune to Myriad because he was sending some of his power to shield Alex from the influence. Indigo easily defeated J’onn J’onzz and took Alex captive to Non. Their evil plan is to suited up Alex in Krypto suit and Krypto blade that killed Astra to face off with Supergirl.

Since the cross over episode of The Flash to Supergirl , there’s a lot of chatter behind the scenes and fans alike about Supergirl cross over to The Flash Earth -1. Show runners in an interview admit it’s certainly possible. Not Kara from National City rather a doppelgänger that could be a different version of Supergirl. Just do not transfer the writers over is all I’m asking. So what do you think of tonight’s episode?


Look! It's a dot!
Look! It’s a dot!
It's a bigger dot!
I see cape!
Definitely a cape wearing Superman.
Hi Henry Cavill Superman!
Where he's going?
Where he’s going?
Back to dot :(
Back to dot 🙁
Krypto suit and Krypto blade.
Krypto suit and Krypto blade.


Here’s next week season finale preview.



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