Supergirl : Manhunter Episode 17 Recap Spoiler Alert!

This week we get a flashback to ten years ago when Hank Henshaw was really Hank Henshaw and not J’onn J’onzz The Martian Hunter. First DEO is besiege by two Colonel Jim Harper(Eddie McClintock – Warehouse 13) and Corporal Lois Lane and their army to clean up DEO and question J’onn J’onzz and his associate. With a device that could control The Martian Hunter power and shape shifting ability in the interrogation room, J’onzz began to recount what happen ten years ago with the real Henshaw. Turns out, the human Henshaw is not nice person, Jeremiah Danvers was working alongside him and a team of DEO agents on a mission in South America to hunt down an alien. For a DEO agent and the father of Supergirl, Jeremiah Danvers was easily startled and stumbled to the ground when a friendly albino boa constrictor was just looking for an ex coworker by the name of Britney Spear, J’onn  appear and pick up the harmless snake and all three were having a picnic on the ground. Their time was rudely interrupted by Henshaw who wasted no time blasting J’onn with the alien gun. Jeremiah intervenes and fought Henshaw to keep J’onn out of the harm’s way. They both struggle on the edge of a cliff and Henshaw got toss over and plummeted to his death but not before he put a knife into Jeremiah fatally wounding him. Jeremiah parting words was asking J’onn J’onzz to look after his two daughters.
From then J’onn assumed Henshaw identity and return to DEO. Both Colonel Harper and Corporal Lane did not believe his story and move on to question Alex Danvers. Her recount was three years earlier, as an unemployed scientist/party girl who got arrested for drinking and driving brought on by her inferiority complex of her sister super power Kara Danvers. He got a visit from alien Henshaw in the jail. He revealed much about her identity that interested her enough to join him at DEO. Once again neither does Colonel Harper and Corporal Lane believe her, both were set to be taken to Project Cadmus.  A secret government genetic labs that experiment on alien. The very reason Superman refused to work with the government. Out of desperation Kara approach Jimmy to get a one on one meeting with Corporal Lane to talk her down from sending both J’onn and Alex to Project Cadmus. Kara revealed her Supergirl identity to Lane and recount of her life as a child that looks very much like a female version of Smallville. She appealed to Lane sensibility to  help stop the transportation of Alex and J’onn to Project Cadmus. We see both in racer suits on bike chasing down the transportation truck with Colonel Harper guarding Henshaw and Alex inside. The swirling of the truck cause the device that control J’onn J’onzz power knocked out of the hand of Colonel Harper, Alex took the opportunity to stomp on it and J’onn J’onzz regained his ability and overpowered Colonel Harper easily. He proceed to use his power to erase Colonel Harper memory from remembering their entire encounter. In his memory J’onn saw Jeremiah Danvers is still alive in Project Cadmus. He and Alex decided to take on the task of rescuing Jeremiah from Project Cadmus as the episode end.

Other development, We get to see the emerge of Silver Banshee as her lame and poor attempt to regain her job at CatCo by forging an angry email directed at Cat Grant from Kara failed miserably. Cat read her the riot act and toss her ass out of the company for good. Later Winn found a very drunk Siobhan on the roof top. Both were having a heated argument over her ethics when she accidentally slip and fall off the building, her scream is powerful enough to break the concrete and prevent her from hitting the ground.

There’s a couple of things that does not make sense in this episode. Why would Supergirl and Lucy Lane need to be on bikes chasing down the truck when she could have easily lifted Lane and flew them there to stop the truck by herself? When J’onzz discover Jeremiah Danvers still alive in Project Cadmus, he and Alex took the same bikes and hurry off to save him giving some lame excuses to Supergirl to stay put. Even without Supergirl’s help, J’onn J’onzz are capable of lifting Alex and fly to the location. Once again two urgent matter that could be solved with speed and power, somehow racers are better alternative?

That alcohol breath is really something.
That alcohol breath is really something.
I see London and I see Paris. i see your father inside that skull!
I see London and I see Paris. I see your father inside that skull still alive!
You ain't Britney! I won't be a slave for you.
You ain’t Britney! I won’t be a slave for you.

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