Supergirl: Falling Episode 16 Recap Spoiler Alert!

No thanks to Maxwell Lord this week, who created a synthetic Red Kryptonite to use as a weapon against Non and his alien friends. His development of Red Kryptonite failed when it caused an explosion in a building that had Supergirl showing up to be misted and turn her into a baddy. She got mouthy with everyone and telling what she actually think of them Kind of like many of us losing an hour sleep no thanks to Daylight Saving Time on a Monday morning. Not quite your drunk uncle during Thanksgiving but for a squeaky clean Kara, it’s pretty damaging and hurtful. She even got the new intern Siobhan Smythe fired from her job. Not to mention she tosses Cat Grant off the building just to scare her but prevent her from hitting the pavement in the last second. She even let a small time alien bandit ran off. Didn’t take long for Hank, Alex, Winn and Jimmy to figure out something was wrong with her. The good thing came out of her turning evil is Hank finally come out of his Martian closet. As Supergirl loom over Alex to kill her, J’onn J’onzz emerged to save the day. For the first time The Martian Hunter strength is as equal as Supergirl and he manage to knock the lights out of  her long enough for Alex to zapped the Red Kryptonite mist out of Supergirl. All is well except J’onn J’onzz instead of flying off, he surrender himself to DEO. Next week episode titled Manhunter where J’onn J’onzz come cleans with the Danvers sisters on the faith of their father Dr. Jeremiah Danvers and how he took over Hank Henshaw’s Identity. Siobhan Smythe plot her revenge against Kara who got her fire from Cat Co. So What do you think of tonight’s episode?

Synthetic Red Kryptonite courtesy of Maxwell Lord.
Silly Martian refuse to run, he surrendered instead.
I’m sorry for all the things I’ve said. It’s the alcohol. I’ll behave on the next family gathering. I promise.
You think you are bad Supergirl? Wait till you see me next week. I’ll show you! Meow!
Okay I can’t wait till next week. Let me show you now! Are you skerd?



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