Supergirl: Childish Things – sneak peek 1 & 2

Not to be left behind, Supergirl got a superhero ally to team with J’onzz J’onnz, aka The Martian Manhunter (disguised as Hank Henshaw, head of DEO) on next week episode of Childish Things. With an increasing number of supervillains in her universe Supergirl could use some help, apart from the very human James Olsen and Winn Schott. If nothing else the showrunners are taking advantage of the increasingly popular superheroes series, and adding more DC superhero characters allows for further possible future spin-offs. We already know at some point The Flash will cross over to Supergirl on certain episodes and perhaps vice versa – certainly many geeks would expect nothing less. What other superhero character do you want to appear on Supergirl?  Leave your comments below.


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  • When I heard a while back, that they were going to release Supergirl, I wasn’t impressed.
    But, after watching the two clips above, I might have to give it a gander.

  • bambinoitaliano

    To be honest, it’s the least of my favourite of the super hero series. However, I geek out on all the super villains and other super hero introduce into the show.That’s what keeps drawing me in, I usually ignore the romantic relationship aspect of the show. The series comes from the same people of The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. So I’m hoping more super heroes add to the Supergirl team.