Supergirl: Childish Things recap. Spoiler Alert.

The following is a recap of tonight’s episode of  Supergirl. Stop reading if you do not want spoiler from it.

The show open with Toyman/Winn Schott Sr.(Henry Czerny) escape from Van Cull maximum security. This week super villain bring thing closer to home because Toyman is the father of Winn Schott Jr (Jeremy Jordan) coworker and secret admirer of Supergirl/Kara. He was jailed for killing half a dozen of innocence people with a toy bomb meant for his former employer for stealing his toy making idea. The FBI wasted no time questioning  Schott Jr. to suss out where Toyman is hiding. After talking to Supergirl he reluctantly told the FBI, daddy left him a message inside a stuffed toy to meet up at an arcade. Toyman was smart enough to show up as a hologram when FBI swoop in gun totting. As his hologram shattered, poison gas begin to release, overwhelming the FBI and Winn Jr., Supergirl drop in to suck out the poison smoke and expel it out into the upper atmosphere. Later Winn Sr. manage to kidnap his son forcing him to try to take another shot at his formal boss at a toy award convention. He told Winn Jr, either shoot daddy’s ex boss with a special toy gun or daddy will detonate ten bombs that will result in more casualties.  Not wanting to hurt more people, Winn Jr. opted to do Sr’s dirty work.  As the FBI rushes in to take out Winn Jr., Supergirl appear in time,  shielded him as he explained to Supergirl,  Toyman is near by and ready to blow up the place if the assassination fail. Supergirl using her icy breath to freeze the general locations of the bombs that lessen the impact of the blast thus neutralizing the threat. Toyman was once again recaptured. Not wanting to turn into an evil man like his father, Winn Jr. finally confess his feeling to Supergirl, explaining the unsolicited awkward kiss he planted on her earlier.

B story of tonight’s episode deals with the unresolved suspicious against Maxwell Lord.  Both Alex and  J’onn J’onzz continue to seek answers as to why the Kryptonians and aliens friends attack Lord Technology and why Maxwell Lord had Jimmy Olsen rough up for inquiring into his business. Despite his apprehension of exposing his alien self to the world, J’onn J’onzz reluctantly agreed to Alex Danvers plan to snoop into Maxwell secret lab. To do so Alex pretend to set up a date with Maxwell as a distraction. Needless to say, the infiltration did not go as well as plan. While Alex and J’onn  J’onzz found some clues to Maxwell secret. They unknowingly expose themselves to Maxwell Lord in the end.

After Winn Jr. professed his feeling for her, our Supergirl flew off into the night contemplating the awkward friendship between Winn Jr. and herself,  almost missing out the Game of Throne and pizza night with her sister. When she finally arrive at her place, without even changing out of her super suit, both sisters plop down on the couch in front of the television and start rehashing their day to each other. All the while their conversation was transmitted via a spying camera attached to Alex Danvers’ bag. The same bag she was using during her fake date with Maxwell Lord earlier. Supergirl all in her glory talking to Alex Danvers about J’onn J’onzz infiltration plan into Lord Technology. Unbeknownst to them, Maxwell Lord also saw the entire footage of J’onn  J’onzz infiltration of his lab earlier. I have to take a pause to point out the weakness of the plot here. Both Alex and J’onn J’onzz work for DEO, they are no stranger to high security and employing high-tech equipment. How in the world can they not think the penetration into  Maxwell Lord’s lab, a company in the fore front of technology research is without a competent security system? Anyhow, now that Maxwell Lord discover the secret identities and relationship  among Supergirl, Alex Danvers and  J’onn J’onzz, thus changing the dynamic between the heroes and the villain into a lopsided one, how will team Superheroes overcome such disadvantage? What do you think of this episode? Sound off in the comment section.



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