Supergirl: Better Angels Season Finale Recap – Spoiler Warning – CBS Network.

So here we are. The conclusion of Supergirl season 1. Last episode ended with Alex all armed in Kryptonite suit and blade facing off with Supergirl. Since its Kryptonite being use, Alex had the upper hand. During this time J’onzz had the time to fly off and retrieve Mama Danvers to talk Alex down before she plunged that Kryptonite blades into her sister. Turns out what you need is love,  love, sweet love to overpower Myriad mind control. Crisis temporary averted. They immediately converge in the impromptu studio Cat and Maxwell set up last week. Like Obama giving state of the union address, Supergirl began to broadcast her speech of love and family to the National City citizens destabilizing Myriad power. Slowly everyone begin to wake up from the spell and back to their normal selves. Except for Superman for unknown Warner Bros. Pictures licensing reason still down on the count. Jonzz was injured and detained in DEO as was Superman. Maxwell told Supergirl and the rest, Myriad is not over, in fact the frequency is ever-increasing causing killer headache for everyone. In a few hours it will kill everyone on earth if it’s not destroy or turn off. Supergirl being alone knew she would have to be the  one and only to challenge Non and Indigo and she is not buying her chances but willing to sacrifice herself to save the world. Off  she goes back to her day job talking to everyone like she is leaving suicide note. (That’s Cat Grant observation too). Back at DEO  Maxwell located the hide out of Non, Indigo. It’s at a deserted restricted military base somewhere in the desert of Nevada. Supergirl ready to face her final battle, Jonzz insist of going along to help. General Lane was pig-headed wanted he remained in custody but Lucy override him. Off they go to Fort Rozz and face Non and Indigo. The quad battle each other while the rest of National City and DEO suffer the increasing frequency of headache induced by Myriad. Jonzz tore Indigo into two parts like an earthworm and Supergirl finally out lasering Non to his defeat. There’s still one final mission for Supergirl to fly the gigantic Fort Rozz out of Earth. Out in space, while Supergirl successfully push Fort Rozz into deep space, she began to lose consciousness. Back at DEO, Alex got the idea when she spotted the pod of Supergirl, she piloted the pod to space and brought Supergirl back to Earth.

A new family is formed and gather. Mama Danvers, Alex, Kara, Jonzz, Schott and Olsen were all having family gathering like its Thanksgiving. Suddenly a bright streak flashes across the windows, both Supergirl and Jonzz fly off to investigate, a similar pod like Supergirl’s own crashed landed. As she open the pod, Supergirl recognized someone inside. The End. Yes a cliff hanger to get you to call up CBS to renew the series.

Other development

  • J’onn J’onzz was pardon by the president and return to be the director of DEO
  • Jeremiah Danvers still in Project Cadmus and have not been found.
  • Maxwell Lord stole the alien ball retrieved from Non at DEO
  • Kara got promoted and has her own office.

What do you think? Will you be back for season 2 if there’s one? What can be improved upon?

Lay off your sister now or you want to try for a month of detention!
Lay off your sister now or you want to try for a month of detention!
Yes. That's Superman with his red boots still out from Myriad.
Yes. That’s Superman with his red boots still out from Myriad.


The staring contest.
The staring contest.
The wrath of Martian Manhunter
The wrath of Martian Manhunter.
Supergirl order a Uber Space Taxi.
Supergirl call Uber Space Taxi.


Another pod from Krypton land on Earth.
Another pod from Planet Krypton land on Earth.


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