Supergirl and The Flash cross over.

CBS has announced today that The Flash will be paying a visit to National City. This will happen on an episode to air on March 28th. Since the launch of Supergirl, fans have been vocally trying to get the show runner to have both DC super heroes  Supergirl and The Flash to appear together on either shows. We’ve seen the cross over between Arrow and The Flash and later Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. While it’s easy to have the same network to do the cross over. It’s not always easy when you have two competing networks vying for the same audience. Personally I think CBS Supergirl has a lot more to gain playing host to the The Flash. It’s still a nice surprise for the fans getting their wish. Considering the DC Cinematic Universe Justice League movie is in production. The tv land should have its own version of Justice League. The unintended pictures taken earlier at the launch of the two separate series of Supergirl and The Flash last fall certainly help fuel the fans passion to get it done. Here are more of those pictures with the show runner Greg Berlanti. Are you excited about the news?





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