Suicide Squad Reshoots To Lighten Up The Tone Of The Film – Birth.Movies.Death.

It is not uncommon for movie studio to reshoot some scenes on a movie that is already in the post production process. Especially one that is deemed as important as the expected block buster of a Suicide Squad. Via a report from Birth.Movies.Death, Warner Bros Pictures is pouring tens of millions into reshooting Suicide Squad to make the movie more lighthearted. A sources told BMD, the Suicide Squad trailer accompanied by Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody  music did not represent the film as it existed, all the jokes in the trailer is all in the film. Given the overwhelming positive response from the audience to the trailer, and in part due to the negative response to the overly dark tone in Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice, Warner Bros. Pictures is now reshooting some of the scenes. So what is your take on this? More jokes, more banters and lighter mood than Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice. Will this new take on Suicide Squad be carried over to the rest of the Justice League franchise? Suicide Squad is set to open in theatres on August 4th.


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