Stormtrooper suit saves man’s life!

Scott Loxley
Scott Loxley

Scott Loxley, who embarked in a nearly 10,000 mile walk through Australia in an effort to raise money for charity (Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne), was bitten by a deadly snake. The armor (hard plastic) was all that stood between him and the Snakes deadly poison.

Scott says he was departing Yalboroo, Queensland when he came a cross what appeared to be a dead snake.

“He’s lunged at me and bit me. But the good news is the armor — he bit me in the shin — and the armor actually protected me and stopped the bite,” Loxley said. “I could feel the teeth scraping on the plastic, but the armor actually stopped something.”

“So all those people that rag on the old stormtrooper because you know, the armor doesn’t do this, it doesn’t do that … it stopped a snake bite and probably saved my life today,” he said.

Loxley says the snake appeared to be a King Brown make which is the sixth deadliest snake in Australia. Watch the video of his description of the event below: