Star Wars VII: Politically Correct Empire

As the count down until the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise to hit theaters December 2015; a new image of the Empire is taking shape. Details were reported by the BBC that the first ever female stormtroopers will be played by actress Amybeth Hargreaves. It is has been also reported that the first black stormtrooper will be played by actor John Boyega.

As a fan I am a little confused about the direction the franchise is going. Stormtroopers are clones of one Jango Fett. So I am looking forward to where J.J. Abrams is going with this. Maybe he will have Jar Jar Binks be a General.

  • undbiter65

    Not sure I like this. The reason being that in an attempt to explain the change from cloned troopers they’re probably gonna give us some half assed reason.